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21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu Habits: Day 6

21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu Habits: Day 6

October 4, 2013



Let’s Talk About Competing


Competing is a healthy way to test what you have learned in the mats. In competing, there is growth. Everyone should compete. Testing your mettle in the mats is one of the full proof ways to get better in Jiu-Jitsu, more so, develop better habits about the art.

Throughout Gracie Barra’s calendar year, there is always a chance for everyone to compete. Ultimately, it all boils down to how much competing can a student do, and how willing they are to test their skills.


Competing is Healthy

The feeling of being able to represent your own school is an awesome one. The excitement to walk on the mats made sole for competitors


Competing is the best way to learn

Learning is nought if not put to the test. Sparring is a good way to check what you have learned, but a better way is through actual competition.

Compete to reflect

Whether winning or losing, in competing there is always an avenue for anyone to look back and check on their game. Think about it. Without reflection there is no learning. In winning competitions, you reflect on the win. To be on the losing end, there is also much for introspection.

Compete to evolve

Everyone who competes evolves. A competitor undergo changes. And the changes are usually for the better. Weeks of training for a competition is more intense. Thus the experience of competing requires more time in training. The latter requiring discipline and perseverance.

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